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Best Maters To Study Between MSC Statistics and Msc Biostatistics



MSc Biostatistics and MSc Statistics both belong to the field of statistics. But there is a slight difference between the two.

MSc statistics is more general than MSc Statistics; meaning that you are allowed to cover areas in medical statistics, social statistics, economics and applied mathematics.

MSc Biostatistics on the other hand equips an individual with skills in clinical medicine, statistical modelling, epidemiology and demography.

The skills a student gets out of MSc Statistics will enable them work in a medical field, unlike those who graduate with MSc Statistics.

The course to choose between the two depends on the interest of a student but I would highly recommend that you select MSc Statistics. This is because the course is more diverse thus enables a graduate to search for employment in more than one sector of economy.

If you happen to attend a school which offers MSc Statistics, MSc Applied Statistics and MSc Biostatistics, then go for MSc Applied Statistics because it’s more practical and highly valued by many employers.

In terms of salaries, both courses tend to pay well ,but MSc Biostatistics pays well at the initial stages of an individual’s career.However,if an individual with MSc Applied Statistics manages to secure employment in Financial or Telecommunication sector, he is likely to earn more than MSc Biostatistics holder.