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Facts About Nursing Jobs and Salaries in Kenya



Nurses are professionals who perform the most important tasks in our republic. They are trained to dedicate their lives into saving lives.

It takes between 2 to 4 years to train a nurse in Kenya. Once she successfully undergoes internship, she then start practicing as a nurse.

This profession is very demanding, which require good renumeration and better working condition. But what nurses get in Kenya is a raw deal.

The gross salary of nurses in public hospitals is less than Sh 40, 000, unless someone has several years of experience. Veteran nurses are the ones who are paid up to Ksh 80, 000, and this comes if the individual is a senior employee in the hospital she works for.

Nurses in private hospitals are not exceptional. In fact, hospitals like Mombasa hospital pay some of their nurses less than Sh 20,000, yet they post profits in the tune of millions.

However, few hospitals like the Aga Khan pay extremely well.

One secret I should reveal to you today is that if you are a qualified nurse and you really want to earn over Sh 100,000 per month, the best place to seek employment is either UN or NGO.

Some of the NGO like MSF, CARE, Red Cross, AMREF and Kemri pay their nurses up to Sh 300,000 per month. But you must be prepared to work in hardship areas.