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How To Market Your Business online In Kenya and Get High Profits



Marketing your business online in Kenya has become the obvious marketing strategy for entrepreneurs who mind about increasing profitability. Although many small companies don’t bother marketing their products-no wonder they are small-there is a big percentage of ambitious companies who market in various social media forums as well as blogs to beat their competitors.

Remember, most people in Kenya are seeking information online; the early you realize that marketing your products online is essential, the better.

One thing I like about online marketing is that those who visit various sites to seek information rarely miss to notice your adverts; they therefore make sure they follow up on the information of their interest. This is in contrast to advertising on televisions and bill boards where most of the information doesn’t reach the targeted audience.

For your information, marketing your products online costs you less than marketing through Television, bill boards and radios. Those who know this trick has always stuck to advertising on blogs and social media.

Do you know you can spend as little as Sh 3,000 per month on adverts and earn over Sh 100,000 from the same. This has been tested, and that’s the reason why nowadays start-ups don’t panic on how they’ll get customers.

The best business to advertise online include:

Web hosting

Electronic products like smartphones, televisions,online radio,ladies’dresses etc

  1. Bank loans
  2. Insurance products
  3. Chemist drugs
  4. Dating business
  5. Supply of construction materials and equipment
  6. Office furniture
  7. Supply of office stationery
  8. Web Design
  9. University and college courses
  10. Day Care business
  11. Hotel Business
  12. Tour Company
  13. Data Analysis services
  14. Online shop
  15. News Site
  16. Agro-Vet
  17. Car Bazaar
  18. motor vehicle spare part business
  19. Transport company
  20. Security company
  21. Etc

The best medium to use is sites which have relevant content; sites which attract readers who are interested in your products. Please be aware that popular sites like Standard Media Group and Nation might charge you more but sites like ours can charge as little as Sh 5,000 per month.

To advertise on our site, send an email to [email protected] and we will call you to discuss more details.

If we market your product, you must be assured of getting returns of up to 500 % of the advertising cost.