Salaries of Graduate Trainees in Kenya



Graduate trainees/management trainees are fresh graduates who are employed by top companies and trained for some period before they are offered full time employment.

One secret you should know is that this ‘crop’ of professionals is very important for any company because most of them end up being senior managers in companies they work for. They are the most valued employees because they have the best academic papers and considered the best brains in their respective fields.

Though salaries for graduate trainees cannot exceed that of seasoned professionals, they are somehow higher than those paid to fresh employees in almost all sectors of economy.

The following are salaries paid to graduate trainees in selected companies in Kenya

KRA=Ksh 68,000-Ksh80,000

PWC=Ksh 80,000

KPMG=Ksh75, 000

Earnest &Young=Ksh 70,000-Ksh 120,000

Britam=Ksh 55,000-Ksh75, 000

Deloitte=Ksh75, 000-Ksh 120,000

IRA=Ksh 80, 000-Ksh 120,000

EABL=Ksh 120,000

KTDA=Ksh55, 000-Ksh 75,000

KCB=Ksh 60,000-Ksh120, 00.Note that they pay Ksh 120,000 only if their minimum qualification is a masters.

Cooperative Graduate Clerk=Ksh 55,000-Ksh68, 000

Kenya Power=Ksh120,000

KCAA=Ksh 100,000-Ksh 130,000

KAA=Ksh 130,000



Centum=Ksh 90,000-Ksh150,000

Above are examples of what some companies pay. But there are companies which pay as little as Ksh35, 000.

Based on our calculations, the average graduate trainees’ salaries in Kenya are Ksh 60,000.

The least paying are manufacturing companies and some banks.Banks,however,pay their executive colossal amounts.The gap between the senior manager and fresh graduates is very huge.


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