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Shocking Facts About Kenyan Men



If you haven’t interacted with a Kenyan man, then you will have all the facts here, broken into manageable pieces.

Though Kenya has over 42 tribes, there are traits which are common among these tribes. Some of the traits are shocking while others are amazing.

Below are common characteristics describing an ideal Kenyan man.


Kenyan men are a hardworking lot. It is rare to find a Kenyan man idling around and waiting for manner to come from heaven.


A Kenyan knows that in order to get the best deal, he has to give something. This trait has tinted the image of the country, which is now ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world.

It is rare to receive any service in Kenya, especially when competition is extremely high, without corrupting the individual with the authority.

They love alcohol

About 80 % of Kenyan men are in love with alcohol. Ten percent of the remaining 20 % love women, the rest are neither here nor there.

This means that for every 10 men you meet at the road, eight of them are alcoholic.

They love copying each other

Who will stop this character! Kenyan men are fond of copying each other. If you find your friend wearing a white unique t-shirt, you burn all your calories looking for the same so as to look like your friend.

If someone starts an idea, like quail business, the entire community will stop doing what they had been doing to venture into quail business. This is absurd!

They never get satisfied with one woman

Even if a Kenyan man is a pastor, he will still deviate from the Bible teachings to test the ‘holy waters’.

Kenyan men are known world over that they never get satisfied with one woman. Once he wins a woman as wife, his focus now goes to girls.

To put it bluntly, Kenyan men are polygamous, and no law can be put in place to curb this habit.

They are generally good in bed.

Kenyan men don’t waste a chance when they are told,’ndio hiyo’.They are very good, except a few who are married to alcohol.

Kenyan women are happy; they thank God every day for allowing these great men to be found in Kenya.

They are tribal

The society has become so tribal that if someone is not from your tribe you won’t trust him. Even offering employment, a Kenyan man must first mind his tribe before he thinks of other tribes.

They like politics and gossiping

Kenya as a whole is in political mood all the time.

Nearly the entire country eats and sleeps politics. To make matters worse, it’s politics of tribe.

Nowadays Kenyan men gossip like women. They talk about everything and anything, which is embarrassing.

They love their women and mothers

This is the only country in Africa where women are given first, whether in politics, homes, hospitals or churches.

A Kenyan man can ‘sting’ you like a bee if you try to joke with his mother!