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Best Agriculture Courses to Study in Kenya



Agriculture is one of the best courses for majority of those who want to be self-employed.

Farming has always remained the most reliable economic activity in Kenya, with a number of farmers raking in millions from their small scale activities.

If you want to be completely independent and a millionaire within a short time, then Agriculture is the way to go.

Apart from being employed, there are many companies and government institutions that employ agriculture graduates in Kenya. Such companies include Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, KEMRI, KEFRI and many NGOs.

The following are the best agriculture courses to pursue in Kenya

  1. Sc. in Dairy Technology and Management
  2. Sc. in Agricultural Economics
  3. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering
  4. Sc. in Animal Health Management
  5. Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development
  6. Agribusiness Economics and Food Industry Management
  7. Food Science and Nutrition
  8. Food Science and Postharvest Technology
  9. Land Resource Planning and Management
  10. Veternary Medicine

The best universities to study agriculture courses include University of Nairobi,JKUAT and Egerton University.