Best Audi Cars To Buy in Kenya



Audi cars are rare in Kenya because most of them are expensive, therefore making it hard for majority of Kenyans, whose monthly salary is less than Sh 100,000.

Audi is a luxury car but can also be used to take you to work as well as enable you drive long distance.

Audi is durable.Besides,it can take you up to 1000s of Kilometers distance that small cars cannot cover.

Audi is categorized alongside Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, BMW and Subaru. It has all the comfort you need in a car.

Below is a list of Audi Cars to buy in Kenya

  1. Audi TT
  2. Audi S6
  3. Audi A4
  4. Audi Q7
  5. Audi A3
  6. Audi A8
  7. Audi A3
  8. Audi Q5
  9. Audi A1
  10. Audi A6

All the Audi cars we have listed above range from Sh 1 million to Sh 8 million.

These cars are suitable for Kenyans who earn not less than Sh 150,000 per month. They are most ideal for entrepreneurs who have made it in life and want to have sweet times with a great toy, Audi.

audi Q7