Best Isuzu Vehicles To Buy in Kenya



Isuzu vehicles are best for business. However, there are models suitable for personal use.

Most people in Kenya prefer Isuzu vehicles because they are durable, they consume low fuel and their spare parts are easily available.

With just Sh 300, 000, you can buy an elegant Isuzu vehicle for business from car dealers and bazaar. But the best company to buy Isuzu vehicles in Kenya is General Motors East Africa which is situated along Mombasa Road. You can also import one, either used or with zero mileage.

The following is a list of Isuzu cars to buy in Kenya

  1. Isuzu D-MAX
  2. Isuzu ELF-Truck
  3. Isuzu FVZ
  4. Isuzu NPR
  5. Isuzu FVR
  6. Isuzu FRR
  7. Isuzu Forward
  8. Isuzu NQR
  9. Isuzu Direct
  10. Isuzu Rodeo
  11. Isuzu Como
  12. Isuzu NKR
  13. Isuzu Tougher
  14. Isuzu Bighorn
  15. Isuzu FSR

Isuzu is not a luxury vehicle but it can help you generate cash from your business.

The following are areas where Isuzu can be used;

Transporting heavy goods

Going for adventure, terrains

Travelling upcountry

Used to ferry passengers

For personal use