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Best degree Courses for A Plain and A- Students in Kenya



If you scored A plain or A- in Kenya, then you are the brightest student among thousands of KCSE students. The best courses for you are those that are involving and need someone with a lot of mental energy.

It is not fair at all for you to scramble for courses that are meant for C- and D material students, who cannot handle tough courses.

For your information, tough courses are always marketable, that’s the reason why weak students enroll for the courses in parallel or module II

The following is a list of the best courses for A plain and A- students

  1. Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Bachelor of Laws
  3. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  4. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  5. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  6. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  7. Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
  8. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
  10. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  11. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  12. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  13. Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine
  14. Bachelor Of Science In Mathematics
  15. Computer Science
  16. sc. (civil Engineering)
  17. sc. (mechanical Engineering)
  18. sc. (geospatial Engineering)
  19. Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying
  20. a (urban & Regional Planning)
  21. a. In Project Planning And Management
  22. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  23. Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics
  24. Bachelor of Architecture
  25. Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management
  26. Financial Engineering
  27. Mechatronics Engineering
  28. Land Resource Planning and Management
  29. Applied Statistics