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Best Part Time Courses To Study



Pursuing a part time course means you don’t leave your daily business to have full time studies. There are several marketable part time courses you can pursue to improve your career profile.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is a course that will lead you into one of the best NGOs in your country.

United Nations also likes individuals with M&E qualifications.

You can pursue M&E as part time course even if you studied unrelated course in your undergraduate level.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Chartered Financial Analyst Course (CFA) is so far the best finance professional course on earth.

If you studied any business course, statistics, engineering, mathematics, actuarial science or economics, you can comfortably pursue CFA as part time course and easily because among the few CFA holders.


ACCA is another marketable course in business circles. The good thing with ACCA is that you can register and do private studies; study resources can be sourced online.

Just like CPA,ACCA can greatly improve your profile and enable you get a job anywhere in the world.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration holders are among the highest paid professionals in the world. They hold key positions in any organization they work for.

You can study MBA online without disturbing your daily activities and graduate with the course from a top university.

Project Management Course

Project management is extremely marketable. You can study the course during your free time and graduate at any level.


CIM is a marketing course, suitable for individuals with marketing background.

If in your country, there are no jobs available; pursuing a CIM course will increase your chances of securing a job in a top company.

CIM is a course that can be pursued part time.