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Why Kenyan Men Hate Dating or Marrying Kikuyu Women



There is an outcry in Central Kenya where several Kikuyu women are complaining of not getting married to Kenyan men. Apparently there are traits that make Kikuyu women not so attractive to Kenyan men.

One of the most worrying things is that Kikuyu men are not interested in marrying their women, prompting Kikuyu women to look for husbands elsewhere.

The following are reasons why many Kenyan men are scared of Kikuyu women.

Men believe Kikuyu women are gold diggers.

This is a popular belief among all men, regardless of tribe.They have seen what has happened to other men who have married women from Central Kenya, so they believe every Kikuyu lady bears the trait.

What I know is that every individual, whether Kikuyu, Kalenjin,Luo or Kisii,has individual trait which separates her from others. Generalizing is basically a bad idea.

Men believe that Kikuyu women are arrogant.

Almost every man who talk negative about Kikuyu women believe that these women are hot tempered and arrogant. They have seen others kill their husbands, like the Nyeri women, and they don’t want to fall into the trap.

Kikuyu women are independent

Kenyan men hate independent women. Kikuyu women are extremely independent, that is the reason why Kenyan men fear them.