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Most Beautiful Female Journalists and News Presenters in Kenya



When it comes to Journalism, beauty is everything. The best and most beautiful anchors draw a number of men into watching news, making the stations more popular than those with ugly news anchors.

In Kenya, there are few TV stations with beautiful women. When we say beauty, we don’t mean those ladies who have undergone bleaching to remain relevant, we mean natural beauty.

Based on our research, we have come up with the following list.

  1. Julie Gichuru
  2. Smriti Vidyarthi
  3. Janet Mbugua
  4. Betty Kyalo
  5. Kanze Dena
  6. Victoria Rubadiri
  7. Lulu Hassan

We intentionally removed Terryanne Chebet and Lilian Muli because they have issues with bleaching.

Almost all the news anchors presented above are parents but their bodies still remain very attractive.

Julie Gichuru is a mother of 5 but she remains the most beautiful news anchor in Kenya, followed by Lulu Hassan, the mother of two.

Janet Mbugua also found her name in the list because she has a natural skin, no bleaching issues.

Kanze Dena was also not left out despite being age mates to Julie Gichuru.

The list comprises of news anchors from NTV, KTN and Citizen TV. Other TV stations don’t have enough budget to hire beauty and brain.