Criminology and Security Jobs in Kenya



Criminology and security jobs are among the best paying jobs in the country, but the course is rare in our country.

To begin with, criminology is one course that is extremely marketable in Kenya because very few individuals enroll for the course. It is also among the few courses that can easily pay you very well.All you need to know is where to work and the salary that comes with responsibilities.

The best places to work in Kenya when you possess either a degree or diploma in criminology is Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, National Youth Service,National Intelligent Service,Office of The President, Criminal Investigation Department, Kenya Defence Forces, Ministry of Defence,Central Bank of Kenya, Nairobi Securities Exchange, Capital Markets Authority,NGO and United Nations.

Some of the institutions listed above are the best paying government organizations.Starting salary for a fresh graduate can go as high as Sh 200,000.

Other places you can work for include security firms like G4S,KK securities and Wells Fargo.