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Best Maths Related Courses To Study in Universities in Kenya



Mathematics is considered a hard course by majority of Kenyans, but it remains one of the best courses to study in the university.

When you are in high school, your mind is only limited to mathematics but the moment you step out of form four you realize that there are more than 10 maths related courses you can study in Kenyan universities.

For your information, it has been proved that maths related courses are the most competitive and graduates of these courses are highly sought in the Kenyan job market.

Following time to time research conducted on Kenyan job market, the following are the best university courses related to mathematics to study in Kenyan universities.

  1. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  2. Bachelor of Applied Statistics
  3. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  4. Bachelor of Mathematics
  5. Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
  6. Bachelor of Financial Engineering
  7. Bachelor of Economics
  8. Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science

In order to be more marketable, you are encouraged to pursue professional courses such as Actuarial Science from SOA (for Actuaries) CIFA, CPA and CFA.

Every sector of economy employs graduates of the listed courses.