William Ruto Left Alone As 20 URP MPs Support Paul Sang



William Ruto is in dilemma after 20 Members of Parliament joined KANU to support Paul Sang in Kericho Senatorial race.

Oscar Sudi, former Ruto ally, led more than a quarter of Rift Valley legislatures in support of KANU candidate, prompting the Deputy President to make impromptu visit to Kericho to support JP candidate, Aaron Cheruiyot.

With the emergency of Gideon Moi, Ruto’s support in Rift Valley is dimming each day as more and more MPs join the former President’s son.

Ruto’s party is currently facing countless accusations of corruption related cases,which have destroyed the image of Jubilee government and brought embarrassment to Uhuru’s supporters.

With the current political realignment in URP and KANU,Uhuru might consider Gideon as his running mate in 2017.