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Shocking Facts About Taita Women



Taita women originate from Coastal region but majority of them find their way to other parts of Kenya through marriage.

There are many traits that these women possess that are not in public domain. Below we unearth some of the characteristics of Taita women.

They are extremely beautiful

Taita women are the most beautiful women in Kenya, second to none. Unlike other tribes who undergo skin bleaching to have a light skin; Taita women are naturally beautiful.

They are very good in bed

Those who have slept with them describe them as extremely good in bed. Once you sleep with a Taita woman, you will not have time to look for any other woman in Kenya, unless you are bewitched.

These women are very sweet in bed.

They are good cooks

If you need delicious pilau or finger licking chicken then court a Taita woman.

They are Lazy

Taita women are known to be slow in everything, unless they want to impress.

Men always complain that these women are never in a hurry to do anything. Therefore, making it hard for any man who intends to exceed his target.

They are not so intelligent

Though they are beautiful, Taita women are ranked average when it comes to IQ.So,your children will definitely be average in class.


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