This Is What You Should Do Immediately After S€x To Prevent Pregnancy



Assuming you didn’t use protection or you are not in your safe days. The thought of being pregnant will arise, keeping you awake all night. But there are three things you can do to prevent pregnancy.

 Go for a short call as many times as possible.

If you made love at night and you aren’t near a shop where you can go for pills, ensure you go for a short call as many times as possible to flush out fertile sp€rms.Ofcourse even a single sp€rms can make you pregnant but flushing out as many as possible will reduce the risk of becoming pregnant.

Go For Pr€gnancy pills immediately

Pr€gnancy pills are very effective until three days are over. The earlier you go for them the better.

One thing you should know is that as time elapses, the risk of getting pregnant nears 100 %.So, it’s advisable you go for the pills as soon as you complete the task.

Take a bath immediately after S€x. Then drink a lot of water mixed with salt and lemon.

This is the most immediate solution before you go for an injection or pills. The salt will make the  sp€rms weak but not zero fertile.

Once you take the warm water mixed with salt and lemon, don’t stop there, ensure you take pills before three days after S€x.


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