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MIRACLE!Goat gives birth to human like babies in Karnataka



Villagers in Solapur hamlet in H.D. Kote Taluk in Karnataka on Monday witnessed a  miraculous incident when a goat gave birth to two stillborn babies with a striking resemblance to a human face.

The goat gave birth to first human-like stillborn kid at around 6.30 am. Five hours later it delivered another kid, this time a female with human features, leaving the people of the town flabbergasted.

Nearly 70 per cent of the features are human-like. The eyes, nose and mouth resemble a human baby. Even the limbs are like that of a human. Only ears and foot were those of a goat, according to the report.

The owner of the goat, Bhaskar, said he has been rearing the goat for four years and she has delivered around 10 babies till now, all of them normal.

The people here have asked entreated Bhaskar to dispose of the stillborns, for they regard it as bad omen.

As per Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Dr Devadas, in medical terms, the condition in is called fetal anasarta, means the baby body filled with excessive fluids. This happens due to a genetic disorder or infection.

The two stillborn baby goats will be preserved and exhibited at the Mysore Dasara Exhibition.