Why Studying Civil Engineering Is Better Than Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Courses in Kenya.



Never be cheated that Electrical Engineering is as marketable as it used to be 10 years ago; the course has lost its popularity, it’s even more useless than a degree in education.

Every recent graduate of Electrical engineering I meet confess to me that it is extremely hard to get a job even if you scored a first class in electrical engineering. Most of them end up being bank tellers or perform odd jobs to make ends meet.

To begin with, most companies that used to employ electrical engineers have collapsed or they are cutting costs by simply employing one or two talented engineers. Some companies prefer diploma holders to undergraduate graduates since they belief degree holders are full of themselves-people who want big salaries yet they are half-baked.

To be honest, Civil Engineering is by far much better than Electrical Engineering because you can employ yourself when the hopes of getting a white collar job fade.

A Civil Engineer can multi task, even do tasks believed to be for Electrical Engineers.

In Kenya, there are countless Electrical Engineers who are jobless-sometimes I find them in jobless corner chewing nothing but the mount is moving. When I interact with them, I always see people full of frustrations, almost giving up in life.

Civil engineering graduates on the other hand earn big money, either from their companies or through employment. It is hard to find a Civil Engineering graduate jobless, but several electrical engineering graduates are swimming in poverty.