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These Were The Conjoined Twins Ben Carson Separated in 1987. See How They Look Now



Patrick and Benjamin Binder are among the luckiest people on earth after surviving one of the riskiest surgeries in the theatre room- separation of Conjoined Twins

The surgery was done by popular neurosurgeon and republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson. The process took 22 hours with every doctor, among the 70 John Hopkins Hospital doctors, doing everything to write history.

The Binders are twins from Ulm, Germany, who were seven months old when they underwent surgery to be separated. Conjoined twins who are typically attached at the skull — or craniopagus twins — rarely survive past their second birthday, thus the surgery was a chance for Patrick and Benjamin to have longer and healthier lives. There was incredible risk to performing the operation, as the twins shared a critical vein in their brains: the sagittal superior sinus, which drains blood from the brain as well as cerebrospinal fluid.

Finally the process was concluded and the twins given a chance to live, perhaps survive past 100 years.

Patrick and Benjamin Binder are now grown-ups.They have almost completed their studies and look amazing.

Below is their current photo.

carson twins