Aaron Cheruiyot’s Win Leaves Rotten Egg on Isaack Ruto and Gideon Moi Faces



Gideon Moi’s hopes of toppling Deputy President, William Ruto, as the Kalenjin community leader hit a snag on Monday after Aaron Cheruiyot won the Kericho Senatorial seat with a landslide.

The win dimmed Gideon Moi’s hopes after putting a spirited fight that left everybody wondering what could happen if Ruto’s candidate lost the election.

It was the happiest moment for William Ruto, who was facing one of the greatest political tests in his backyard from someone (Gideon Moi) who is loaded, and with a considerable following from his backyard.

If Paul sang won the election, Gideon could easily become Uhuru’s running mate in 2017, thus leaving Ruto in the cold. But Aaron’s win confirmed that Ruto is indeed a force to reckon with in Rift Valley.

Yesterday’s Kericho elections force Uhuru to pick William ruto again as his running mate, thanks to Kericho voters.

From my point of view, the greatest losers in the election were Isaack Ruto and Oscar Sudi, who have written their political obituaries.

It is now easier for the world to sink than Isaack Ruto to be re-elected as the Bomet Governor.



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