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Things You Didn’t Know About Kanze Dena, Her Boyfriend



Kanze Dena, the Citizen Nipashe news anchor’s love life crushed long before fame caught up with her. She was heartbroken and left with a kid by her irresponsible boyfriend.

The following are facts about the beautiful lady that you will only find on venas news:

  1. She has three names :Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena.
  2. She was brought up by a single mother.Her father left them while Kanze was eight years old.
  3. She was born to Durumu, one of the nine sub tribes of Mijikenda in Kwale County.
  4. Schooled in Meru and more specifically she attended Kieni Girls High School.
  5. She had low self-esteem especially from friends who looked down upon her because of the tummy and protruding b@@bs in her tender age.
  6. She worked as a waiter after high school and in the process got pregnant. She took her 3 months baby to her mother for adoption, unfortunately the baby died. This made her have low self-esteem, and this is the reason why she wanted to commit suicide.Kanze has had several miscarriages.
  7. She joined Nairobi Baptist Church where she got saved.
  8. Kanze worked with KBC as an intern after her college.

Kanze is now single, independent and born again Citizen TV Presenter. She is a role model to may.

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