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Things You Didn’t Know About Maina Kageni,His Wife



Classic FM presenter, Maina Kageni, is one of the most adored radio presenters in Kenya. If he leaves classic 105, the station will lose at least half of its revenue, but thank God the management knows he is an asset.

Having known him as a media personality, perhaps you are wondering about his love life, education background and wealth. The following are shocking facts about Maina Kageni.

  1. He is above 40 years.
  2. Maina Kageni is single but not searching
  3. He is extremely rich. His wealth is in billions.
  4. His First girlfriend was called Anne, had a nice nose and had to go down
  5. He bought his first car ,a Ford Fiesta, in UK  for 1100 Pounds
  6. He fears commitments, which is why he is single. He is not gαy either
  7. He has a home in Miami
  8. His father died while Maina was young.Maina lives with his mother in Karen
  9. He supports Manchester United
  10. He never went past high school.Infact,he failed his high school exams.
  11. He loves Alcohol-whisky to be precise
  12. He has a home in Miami
  13. Women love him
  14. He dated Anne Kiguta before losing interest in her.
  15. He loves cars-he has never owned the same car for more than 2 years.His best cars include Range Rover,Jaguar and Toyota VX
  16. She earns Sh 1.5 million per month.