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How To Make A Man Spend Money On You To The Last Coin



Modern men have become so stingy that even spending on a lady they love is a problem. But there are tricks you can use that will make your man extremely generous-without forcing money out of his pocket.

Many women always complain that their men don’t give anything-if they give, they do it with conditions-but if you plan on him, he will definitely be generous.

Below are tricks to employ to make your man generous.

Be good in bed

The major reason why a man befriends you is sαx.Once you know that, you will practice all styles and be innovative in bed so that you can make him excited about the whole issue. Make him desperate for you and you will realize how fast he will give you money, any money, even when you don’t ask for it.

Be a solution to his problems

Any man facing serious challenges needs someone to cool him down. When he knows you are always there to comfort him and make him relax when he is undergoing stress or some challenges in life, he won’t hesitate giving you any amount you want.

Ensure he borrows some cash from you, sometimes

A man will develop trust in you when he knows that you are not his friend because he has cash.Occassionally; make a point of spending on him. This will make him realize that you care. And you will be surprised one day giving you all his ATM cards to manage his accounts.

Be among his advisory team on investment matters

Most men like dating women who are intelligent. No man would want to be associated with a woman who only knows how to eat his money but has zero knowledge of investment.

If you want to win this man’s heart,tell him the investment streams he will put his money to multiply as fast as possible. Men like investing in land, buying apartments, shares, bonds, trading in forex market etc.

I swear if your man gets the advice from you and implements it, you won’t have a problem owning everything he owns.