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50Cent To Quit Instagram Over Fake Money Post



Celebrated rapper 50 Cents is contemplating quitting Instagram after posting a photo showing heaps of money yet he had applied for bankruptcy.

The rapper claims that after posting the photo, Secret Service started asking about the wads of “prop” money he used in social media posts.

The rapper, whose name is Curtis Jackson III, didn’t respond to the Secret Service, instead he posted that he intends to quit Instagram-for the meantime -so as to concentrate on his case.

He was ordered to appear in bankruptcy court in Hartford on Wednesday, after the judge and U.S. trustee’s office raised questions about his finances, including what looked like cash bundles in his Instagram photos. The pictures included ones of him sitting next to piles of cash arranged to spell “broke,” him in a bed with wads of cash and cash stacks in a refrigerator.

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