Most Successful Tribes in Kenya



Kenya has over 42 tribes, most of them not doing well economically. However, there are a few of them which are very successful: they have invested heavily in all sectors of economy and are always in the right side of history.

The poor and desperate tribes in Kenya are languishing in poverty, highly marginalized and not even affording $1 per day.

Some of the most hopeless tribes in Kenya include the Luo, Turkana,Samburu and Nubia.

The most successful tribes in Kenya include the Kikuyu, Somali,Kisii,Luhya,Kalenjin ,Maasai and Meru

One factor that is considered when determining the most successful tribes is the number of people living above a dollar per day in that community. The Kikuyu community is the most hard working and least affected by poverty,followed by Kalenjin,Kisii,Somali and Luhya respectively.

The Luos are ranked among the poorest communities in the country despite having the highest number of educated youths.The community has no specific economic activity,neither does it get involved with business.

One of the major reasons why the Luo community is lagging behind is the fact that most youths rely on white collar jobs to make it in life yet there are few jobs available for job seekers.

Communities like Kisii and Kalenjin have several economic activities that bring income on daily basis.The fact that there are no jobs in Kenya is their least concern.

The Kamba are left behind because they occupied land which is not fertile.They are also not enterprising enough to meet the standards of the Kisii and Kikuyu.




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