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Movie Business in Kenya and Profits



Movie business is suitable for individuals who have small capital but intend to make over Sh 500 per day. The business is booming in areas like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu where residents always watch movies during weekends and holidays.

It is interesting to note that sourcing movies is extremely cheap. The best source is online where you identify the best sites where you can download for free or cheaply. But many sites contain movies you can download for free.

What I usually tell fresh graduates, instead of staying at home doing nothing and always crying that the government has neglected you, you can get some Sh 5,000 and start selling movies to university students and even hawk within estates. You can also have the business at specific location within Nairobi CBD.

I have established that you can make up to Sh 2,000 per day selling movies, DVDs and CDs.

If downloading a single movie is free and buying a CD is Sh 10, how much do you think you can make per day?By the way the average selling price of a single movie is Sh 50.Assuming you sell 20 movies per day, you can’t miss Sh 400.