Ruto,Sang ICC Cases Terminated



Deputy President William Ruto and Journalist Joshua Sang have been set free by the International Criminal Court after the court found no evidence against the two in regards to 2007-2008 post-election violence.

ICC Chief Registrar Helena Vukasinovic said Trial Chamber judges found no incriminating evidence to sustain the cases against the two.

“The charges are hereby vacated and the accused are discharged from the process without prejudice to their presumption of innocence or the prosecutor’s right to re-prosecute at a later time, “Said Osuji

The case for the two has been dragging since the process began several years ago. But it was weakened by several witnesses who recanted their evidence, forcing the prosecutor to give up on the matter and direct the Trial Chamber to deliver a ruling.

The files for the two have been closed alongside those of other 4 Kenyans who were charged at The Hague.