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Why Raila Loses Every Election-What Raila Needs To Do To Win 2017 Elections



CORD leader Raila Odinga has always cried that his votes were stolen. The former Prime Minister now has one single chance to try his luck, but the approach he is taking does not seem to bear fruits.

His opponents (Jubilee) understand the game and are planning to play it perfectly in 2017.One of Raila’s sympathizers has come up with a formula the “enigma” should use to win the 2017 elections. Below is the perfect formula.

  1. Power is taken, not given. Don’t beg anyone for power, snatch it from them
  2. Keep your family out of politics. Your wife, children and relatives should not determine critical political decisions and party undertakings
  3. Inspire hope among your supporters. Never make statements like ”They’re planning to steal our votes”..instead say ”We must be in power no matter what”..
  4. Even if you are a popular candidate, campaign as if you’ve never campaigned before. Every vote counts, focus ruthlessly on every voter
  5. Use social media effectively.
  6. Spend money. Be generous to your supporters and fans. Organize colorful events that reward loyalty of your strongholds. Loyalty must be rewarded in installments, disloyalty must be punished instantly.
  7. Keep your enemies closest. When your enemy is peaceful, attack him. When he is expecting you to attack him surprise him with gifts. Keep them in a state of terror
  8. Wipe out all sycophants from critical decision making. Always seek advice from university professors and other Intelligentsia. They always have fresh ideas. On average, a university don interacts with over 300 people daily; their counsel is priceless

9.The electoral commission must be in constant fear of any consequences that may befall them if any of your votes are stolen. The consequences must be better imagined than experienced. Use any means necessary

  1. If you can’t beat them, don’t join them.