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How To Know A Man Loves You For Real



It is believed that only 10 % of all married/engaged men love their women for real. While it is hard to know a man who loves you for real, there are few critical signs that could make you draw logical conclusion.

Psychologists believe that when a woman is loved for real, everything in her life moves in the right direction. The man can either kill her woman at an earlier age or prolong her life if he decided to love her for real.

The following are signs that your man loves you for real:

He never uses abusive language towards his girlfriend/wife

If he truly loves you he won’t dare use abusive language towards you, even if you offend him to the limits.

He will not bad mouth you in front of his friends

There is this issue of men always speaking about their women. Most of them are proud to say how their women are cold in bed. They go to the extent of indicating that they will divorce them one day. But these are men who don’t love their partners. If you have such a man, leave him before anything disastrous happens.

He will never cheat on you

A man who cheats on his wife/girlfriend is a dog. Which means that he will always rent his heart to any woman. Avoid such a man.

He will always tell you the truth no matter the circumstances.

A man who loves you will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts. If you offend him, he will not keep the feeling. Instead he will tell you on your face not to repeat the mistake.

You are always number one in his plans

Assuming your man wants to take a mortgage or invest some money somewhere, if he avoids indicating that you will be the beneficiary in case he dies, then be sure that guy hates you.