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Best Places To Do Farming in Kenya



You have a noble idea, of turning your dreams into reality. Farming is one of those ventures you could pursue and become a millionaire in Kenya. But identifying the best area to launch your dream is the most important aspect of farming.

Thank God more than half of Kenyan land is fertile. This is one thing Kenyans should brag about. We are truly blessed but sometimes we ignore what we have and venture into crowded fields, ending up losing to able entrepreneurs.

If you want to practice farming in Kenya, the following are towns you can get high yields.


Kitale is known to have very huge tracts of land. Though we have hundreds of farmers in the area, there is still enough idle land to practice farming.

The best crops to plant in Kitale include maize, beans, Avocado, sugarcane, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbages and carrots.


Kisii is the most fertile area in the entire republic of Kenya.Though lack of land is a hindrance to many able farmers, a lot of crops are produced in the area.

Shocking information we have indicates that all the sugarcane,managu,bananas and other local vegetables you see in Nairobi come from Kisii.

The best crops to plant in Kisii include Tea, bananas, sugarcane, cabbages, carrots, maize,sweet potatoes,English potatoes, soya beans, cassava etc.


Kajiado is also very fertile, and anyone wishing to plant tomatoes, cabbages,carrots,watermelon and sweet potatoes should rush there.


Kericho is called “green city” because it rains there almost daily. The presence of rains makes it favorable for several crops being planted in the area.

There are several multinationals practicing farming in Kericho.They include: Williamson Tea, Unilever and many other firms.

Eastern Kenya.

There used to be prolonged dry spell in Makueni, Kitui, Machakos and many parts of Eastern Kenya but that is now history. Today many residents of the area practice farming, and the best crops planted there include mangoes and Avocado


Kiambu is another fertile location where farming is practiced, both in large scale and small scale.

Almost all crops are planted in Kiambu but the most famous include tomatoes, arrow roots,tea,bananas and maize.

Othe areas to practice farming include Transmara, Bungoma, Imenti, Nandi,Bomet and Eldoret.