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36 Jobs that don’t require University Degree in Kenya




In Kenya, most people think that you will only get a job if you possess a university degree, but there are more than 30 jobs that require no university degree. You only need a KCSE certificate or a college certificate to perform the duties.

  1. Driving
  2. Motorcycle Riders
  3. Air Hostess
  4. Front Office Jobs
  5. Customer Care Officer
  6. Cashier/Teller
  7. Primary Teacher
  8. Morgue Attendant
  9. Police Officer
  10. Army Officer
  11. Watchman
  12. Waiters
  13. Office Messenger
  14. IT Technician
  15. Insurance Financial Advisors
  16. Sales Representative
  17. Customer Care Representative
  18. Court Clerk
  19. Football Referee
  20. School Bursar
  21. Real Estate Agents
  22. Member of County Assemblies (MCA)
  23. Data Entry Specialists
  24. Tour Guide
  25. Data Collectors
  26. House Girls
  27. Massage Therapist
  28. A farmer
  29. Preacher
  30. Machine Operators
  31. Mechanics
  32. Power Technicians
  33. Pump Operators
  34. Shop Attendants
  35. Supermarket Attendants
  36. Construction supervisor

You will be surprised that in order to be a air Hostess in Kenya, you only require a college certificate and good looks. Police Officers also need just a form four certificate.

Most cashiers, especially in supermarkets, don’t possess university degrees but they earn good salary. Front Office jobs also don’t require university certificate.