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Business of Selling Fish and Omena in Nairobi



One of our readers asked, “is business of selling fish profitable in Nairobi?”

We took time to investigate whether fish business is profitable, or is just a risk venture.

We visited several estates within Nairobi, and from what we sampled, the business is extremely profitable.

One seller intimated to us that in a good day, she can make up to Ksh 7,000.The seller is located at City Market Nairobi.

When we visited Kawangware, area dominated by lower and middle class, several fish sellers told us that they won’t miss pocketing Sh 1,000 a day even though there are over 20 fish sellers in the estate.

We established that areas where fish business is most profitable in Nairobi include Embakasi, Gikomba, City Market, Githurai,Kitengela,Kibera,Kahawa ,Rongai,and Thika.In all these places, fish business is thriving.

To start the business,an individual requires a capital of as little as Ksh 10,000;that is if you are selling in an open air market. But if you need a fridge and a room where you will put up the business,Sh 80,000 is enough to start.

You can source the fish from Gikomba, Muthurwa or City Market.But fish from Gikomba market are cheaper.