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Why You Should Not Marry A Man Who is Less Educated and Earns Less Than You



Marriage is a good thing, even the Bible says, but marrying a less educated and poorer husband than you is a disaster.

There are more than one million reasons why you should marry, and more than one thousand reasons why you should not marry a man less your class. Truth hurts, but I will say it anyway-you can kiss a transformer if you wish!

A less educated man will be intimidated by your success

If you are a PhD holder, earning more than $5000 per month, living in a posh area, while your man is a lazy creature who earns a paltry $ 1,000 and never progressed past high school, do you think you can listen to such a good for nothing man?

A less educated man will always be intimidated by your success, ending up being violent. Any slightest progress you make will make him lose self-esteem.

He is very insecure

A less educated and not so successful man is always insecure. If you happen to attend a meeting and arrive home late, he will question why you are smelling a man, yet you were busy looking for daily bread.

He will not keep up with your pace

What is embarrassing is when you are capable of paying rent in an executive apartment but the amount you are willing to pay is unaffordable to your husband. Since the husband earns less, he opts for a small and not elegant home, which is not your standard. You see here you are not compatible.

You will find yourself making decisions for your home

Instead of him being the head of the family, nature will dictate that you overthrow him, which is not good considering he is a man.

You will never respect him

Never cheat yourself that a less educated man,someone who is of low status will command respect-you won’t respect him.

He will be violent

After learning that you are way ahead of him,he will turn to be violent and abusive since that is the only weapon he has.