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Types of Men Women Should not marry-Lecturers, Musicians, Politicians, Pilots, Truck Drivers, Gynecologist.



Marriage is a good thing, but only happens when a lady decides to make a wise decision regarding what kind of men to marry. As a woman who is serious in finding joy in marriage, you should avoid the following men.


These are people who are always in an environment that is full of women and young petite girls. Even if a lecturer is married to a beautiful woman, he will still be tempted to cheat. Statistics show that more than 60 % of lecturers, especially in Africa, cheat.

It is pointless to marry someone with a PhD yet you will always cry of being played. Lecturers are people who are worshipped in universities, most of them give grades for s@xual favours.That’s why you will hardly get peace when married to such a guy.


If there is one guy who cannot keep his tail at peace is a musician. This man is ever on the move, of course with a contingent of beautiful girls. The moment he says “bye” to his wife, that’s when he ceases to belong to his sweet heart.

It is known that most musicians must sleep with some of their crew members in order to have them in the group.

You have heard cases of infidelity, not once, not twice but almost daily. These cases mostly happens due to the nature of the work musicians do-infidelity is inevitable here.


Politicians ooze a lot of power. They run the world, alongside businessmen, but if you want to live a life where your happiness can only be witnessed during dreams, marry this man.

A politician will sleep with his secretary, fellow politician, university girls and any skirt that passes before him. It is a small percentage, around 10 % that have principals.



Pilots are busy people, men who can travel the whole month without caring about the whereabouts of their families. If there are people who have married their job then pilots are the ones.

Of course you will get plenty of cash but you will live a lonely woman. Furthermore, the stress pilots undergo make them among the weakest groups in bed.

Truck Drivers

These people are always on the road, leaving their families languishing on cold beds.

Most Truck drivers, especially in developed countries, are morally irresponsible. These people have women in every town-such that when they visit the towns, they’ll enjoy as they proceed with the journey.


This is another group you cannot trust at all. A gynecologist before his patient is like a hyena before goat meat, you can’t expect the hyena to pass more than 2 goats without having a piece.

Massage Therapists

If you are out of your mind, marry this man-you will regret forever. Let me leave it there.