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This is What the Luhya Have Planned to Do to Jacob Juma Killers-Nowhere to Hide



The Luhya community have ganged up to discipline those people who killed Jacob Juma, including those who planned the assassination.

According to one of the senior members of the Luhya Council of Elders, the communitywill perform a ritual during Juma’s funeral. The ritual will see the body of the slain businessman being accompanied with a knife, arrows, bows and a sufuria.The items, according to the elders, will be important for Juma’s spirit when it will attack his killers at night and in dreams.

One of the members intimated to Venas News that none of the killers will have peace. The elder further chest thumped that many leaders and people, including the man who canned Raila Odinga, have suffered the consequences of their sins.

According to Luhya tradition, if the ritual is performed against anyone who committed an offence, unless the person confesses, the consequences are severe. Sometimes, one of the elders confessed, death meets the offender.