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Police Teargas CORD Supporters Again .See What Happened To Raila’s Bullet Proof Car



Raila Odinga and CORD demonstrators did not enjoy free movement in Nairobi, Kisumu and Kisii when the Police used tear gas to disperse them.

CORD alongside KANU had staged demonstration to force IEBC to vacate office, but their demonstrations turned chaotic after the police intervened to scatter the crowd that had joined the CORD leaders in Nairobi CBD.

What was more shocking, looking at Raila’s car, there was a huge whole on the front window that left Kenyans wondering whether a live bullet was used against him or it was hit by a stone.

Reports say the car was bullet proof, which made it possible for something like a bullet to penetrate.

There are also reports that the demonstrators looted from passersby and in shops, something that CORD has not refuted.

Meanwhile, Jubilee coalition has stated that IEBC is Raila’s baby, so there is no way Raila can force his baby out of office.

A statement from State House reads:

Raila Odinga is not interested in a new IEBC.

He knows that even a new IEBC can neither guarantee him victory in 2017 nor save the cacophony that is CORD.

The truth of the matter is that Raila Odinga is fighting the Constitution because it didn’t – and is unlikely – to make him President.

Whether a new IEBC is set up or not, Raila Odinga will fight to overthrow the Constitution before or after the election.

In other words, he will foment pre-election violence or post-election violence.

In an interview with a local TV station this month, Raila Odinga uttered the ominous line: “If things do not go my way, the consequences are too grave to contemplate.”

In 2007, he thundered the same threat and Kenya burned.

And this is not the first time he has fought to overthrow the Constitution.

In 1982, he attempted to overthrow the Moi government. The coup was smashed.

In 2007, he refused to lodge a petition after the election and opted for mass action.

That is why in subversion of the Constitution, Raila Odinga wants forcible ejection of IEBC and enactment of “minimum reforms”, whatever that means.

Munyori Buku,

Public Communication at State House


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