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Top Socialists in Africa, Vera Sidika in the List.



Socialists have found a career, one of the rare professions in Africa where petite girls flaunt their bodies to win rich men, and it pays.

With a killer figure and some bleaching, an individual can join the profession and easily become news in the social circles.

Africa has plenty of socialites, but here are the top women who have cut a niche for themselves:

  1. Confidence Haugen

Confidence Haugen, the Ghanaian Socialite is a household name who hangs out with the high and might.

The self-confessed socialite and tnrerpreneur never attended high school, but her name is on the lips of every Ghanaian, for what she has achieved in the showbiz.

Haugen was once a contestant in the Big Brother Africa, but never won in the reality show. But her appearance at the show provided an opportunity to showcase talent, eventually landing a job in Ghana as a Radio Presenter.

Her gifted body has not only earned her cash, but also assets-she now owns a popular night club in Accra, Ghana.

  1. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is a Kenyan whose name is well known even in United Arabs Emirates. The self-confessed socialite lives large and owns one of the most expensive cars in Kenya, Mercedes Benz, which she acquired at Sh 10 million.

If you don’t own a big toy and lives in posh estate, Vera is not your type. The socialite claims that you won’t sleep with her if you aren’t ready to part with Sh 1.5 million ($15,000).

The socialite underwent bleaching, to look pettier. She also buys expensive weave and shops in UK

But despite living in an apartment where she pays over Sh 150,000 per month as rent, her mother languishes in poverty in Mombasa.

  1. vera sidikaZari Hassan

Before quitting the profession to become singer Diamond Platinum’s wife, Zari was awell known socialite, travelling from country to country in search for greener pastures. In the process she gave birth to 3 kids.

  1. zari hassanLisa Visagie

Lisa Visagie is a South African model with a killer figure. This girl always brings the surrounding into a stand still whenever she goes.

  1. Mercy Johnson

Before getting married to Odianosen Okojie, Mercy was a high flying socialite, who men did everything to win, but in vain.

Mercy is now a mother but her socialite tendencies still exist.

The Nollywood star, who didn’t go to university, was surrounded by the image of ‘husband snatching girl’

  1. Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas was born in Ghana in 1980 and spent her childhood in Accra.

She co-produced Miss Malaika Ghana,[9][10] one of the most prestigious beauty pageant in Ghana, from 2008-2010. She is also the founder and CEO of Virgo Sun Company Limited, a production entity which under her directorship, has already co-produced its first movie Love or Something Like that, endorsed by the UNAIDS. She hopes to produce as well as invest in more television programs or series like V Republic, an edgy television series produced by Sparrow Productions with Executive Production by VirgoSun.

What makes fans glued to her shows is her killer figure-she is one of the hottest women in Ghana, arguably.

Other popular socialites include:

Omotola Jelade

Tango Ncetezo

Danielle Okeke

Anita Josepha

Judy Anyango

Bel Akinyi

Risper Faith

Corazon Kwamboka

Evia Simon