This Is What Mike Sonko Said about CORD Protests and Raila Odinga.MUST READ



Nairobi Senator, Mike sonko, seems to be sober all the time. The flamboyant politician has given a genuine advice to protestors and revealed what leaders, like Raila, do behind their back.

Sonko shared this on his Facebook account:

‘Am so “sorry” for you guys whose photos and videos are circulating on social media after you were brutally acted on by our GSUs. Here is the HARD TRUTH for you. Those are the EXACT images and videos Cord leaders want to see circulating to “convince” Kenyans and international community that Kenya is burning. When “bullets” only scratches their bullet proof windscreens, the real live bullet will shutter your skull. When you sing “tumezoea teargas”, go home barefooted and broke. They are swiftly secured to their V8s zoomed off just after the 1st teargas and the same police will clear you out of their way with no dignity. The police did their, IEBC commissioners still on payroll and politicians “did their job” by letting you poor Kenyans get teargassed, beaten and steal from other poor Kenyans. Their funerals are aired live on all tv stations the whole day and again read as breaking news for almost a week after. Their 3yr olds children and grandchildren speak pure Queen’s English and read tributes in deep foreign swags. You get shot today and they circulate your image to earn them popularity, your kids go to mud classrooms with no sufficient teachers and other facilities, you hold on to their copters and they fly anyway, and you become a guest to the state after that. Politicians are our servants not our masters. We are not their slaves’.

Despite several leaders condemning the police, Sonko has warned Kenyans against being used by politicians for personal gains. Which is the reason why the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.