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Facts About Maasai Women.



It’s hard to hear or feel a Maasai woman because they have special characteristics that their men are proud of but mot willing to share. Venas News have done intensive research to unearth the  facts that describe a Maasai woman.

They love their culture

Maasai women worship their culture, and no one would dare interfere with it.These women have special and unique clothes that each and every one from the community wear, including professionals.

They are generous when it comes to bedroom matters.

If there is a woman who will accept your advances as soon as you take a step then it’s a Maasai woman. It has been proved that they don’t play hard to get.

This habit originated from their culture where any man, especially age mates can share a woman and no one will complain.

They respect men

Respect from women in Kenya is rare nowadays, as many advance financially, academically and socially. But one thing that has remained among Maasai women is that they respect their men. There is no time when a Maasai woman will raise her head when the man is talking, and this makes men feel sweet.

They are average in bed

Many Maasai women only understands traditional style, they are not innovative in bed. If you want an innovative woman then approach a Luo, Kamba or Luhya.


Pride is not for Maasai in general. Humility thrives in Maasai land such that even if a Maasai is a millionaire she will still behave like a beggar-something that is attractive to many.

They are wife material

If you need a wife material then don’t go far, approach a Maasai woman.

They are not among the most beautiful women in Kenya but some girls are really beautiful.