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Robert Mugabe Would Not Die,UK Scientists Confirm



Scientists from the Science Institute based in the UK have published shocking results indicating Mugabe will live forever-would not die.

The findings, which the scientists call, “nothing but the truth”, were made public last month amid criticism from several quarter across Zimbabwe. But the renowned scientists went ahead to prove that indeed the 92-year-old leader is immortal. The first prove, they say, was to confirm that Mugabe has never been to the gym. They further proved that the old man avoid eating veggies to stay health.

What was more shocking from the findings is that his DNA results did not have any sign of decay, meaning that he will remain young and fresh forever.To make it more interesting, they called upon people to look at his photos taken back in 1970 and compare with his recent photos, he looks the same.

The scientist made a joke after comparing him to his critic Moses Tsvangirai. They discovered that Tsvangirai looks older than Mugabe yet he is almost half the age of Mugabe, something that made the finding even more concrete.

Though Tsvangirai rubbished the findings, the scientists asked him to prove whether Mugabe really needs a walking stick, which he uses occasionally. They said the old man uses a walking stick as a disguise.

Commenting on the findings, the scientist wondered:

“We have never seen something like this. At first we could not believe it, but after running a series of tests, we then realized that Mugabe is immortal”.

A senior scientist, Irvin Koch was present to confirm that even Mugabe’s facecloth, toothbrush and hairbrush were used in the test, and they all proved he is immortal.

Mugabe, who was recently slapped in public by his wife, Grace, is expected to die as a President and then Grace takes over…