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How To get a Job at KRA Kenya



Most Kenyans want to work at KRA but I can assure you that getting a job there is not easy.If you want to get employment at KRA, whether as a Graduate Trainee or other positions then you must do the following.

The most common way of getting a job at KRA is through Graduate Trainee/Management Trainee programme. These positions are advertised annually through KRA career portal. I can surprise you today-over 10,000 individuals apply for the vacancies.

Graduate Trainee jobs are for fresh graduates who scored good grades in high school as well as college.KRA requires one to have scored at least a B+ in high school and at least Upper Second class in college. If you scored less than what we have stated here, you won’t get yourself a space at KRA.

The most preferred courses include Statistics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, IT, Computer Science, BCOM, Economics, Education and Law.

To be successful, you must pass a psychometric test which is mostly administered at their head office Times Towers. The test is rigorous, so you should be well prepared to tackle it.Fortunately, most questions are picked from high school, which are easier for people who passed English and Mathematics.

Apart from Graduate Trainee, there are other positions which are advertised any time of the year. These positions include supervisors, Assistant Managers, Managers and Commissioners. You can only get the positions if you had served the position of Officer for some time. Usually, internal candidates are given first priority.

Finally, about salaries; graduate trainees are paid Ksh 80,000 after competing training while supervisors go home with Ksh 160, 000.Managers are paid over Ksh 200,000.