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Cheating in a Relationship or Marriage Can Make You Live Long-Shocking



A new survey indicates that cheating in a relationship can boost your health, increase your degree of happiness and eventually make you live longer than faithful people.

The new study, whose findings have caught many faithful couples off-guard, has been applauded by serial cheaters. But Mr.Carl, the principal researcher gave strong points to support their findings.

  1. Cheating can significantly boost your happiness and reduce chances of heart attack.

The research shows that when a person cheats, he is in a position to get some degree of satisfaction which can result to happiness. When an individual is happy, blood flow becomes efficient thus preventing your heart from getting severe shocks.

  1. Cheating in abusive relationships can be a short term remedy

Most people realize that they had married the wrong people when it’s too late. Being faithful in such a situation makes life boring, which can drastically reduce your lifespan. When a person finds a perfect match, the study says, he/she is in a position to get a new and exciting life, which can reduce stress and improve their health status.

People who persevere in abusive relationships end up miserable, dejected and eventually fall into depression whose end result is death.

3.Cheating brings new experience that can make your spouse love you more

When a man/woman cheats, they are able to have new experience, new styles and be able to apply to their partners. The research explains that sometimes s@x in marriage becomes boring when the couple practices a single style from time to time, but when a new style is introduced, they end up enjoying the relationship. When a couple is happy, chances of living long are high.