Why You will Never Win Sportpesa Jackpot



Sportpesa Jackpot is what most Kenyans are salivating for but chances of winning the coveted prize are almost zero.

I know several friends who started playing the famous gambling game some years back but they have since given up after realizing that it’s impossible to become rich through gambling.

Looking at Alexa ranking, Sportpesa is ranked 7th in Kenya with daily visits exceeding 1 million, meaning that over 300,000 people play the game daily. Surprisingly, statistics show that only 30 % of gamblers win prizes, implying that the rest play to benefit the owners.

I was one of the victims who chest thumped every day that one day I will strike it rich, but I discovered one day that tears are salty after losing Sh 20,000 to a bet where Real Madrid let me down. I swore before God not to repeat the mistake again.

Sportpesa Jackpot sometimes clocks Sh 35 million after several weeks of failed trials. In a week, it is said that more than Sh 200 million are swallowed by the company through the jackpot, which is not bad considering the players are not forced to play the addictive game. But eventual one or two individuals, on behalf of others, pocket the money after winning the jackpot.

One thing you should be aware of is that when provided with 13 options in a jackpot, chances of winning are very slim, in fact 0.0013.This is due to the laws of probability that states that if teams are selected randomly, it’s through luck that you can win. To side with mathematicians, I can say that sportpesa selects teams that the company is sure very few will predict the match results correctly-they don’t select teams you are sure you can win, which makes it almost impossible for football fans to win the jackpot.

If you are keen enough, you’ll realize that majority of those who win the jackpot are not true football fans, they are people who do guess work. True fans take their time analyzing the games but end up winning nothing-which is why the game is called gambling.

What I can advise you; you are not the first person to gamble, many people have gambled and ended up poor. Please make sure you don’t gamble beyond your means. If your salary is Ksh 15,000 per month, spend less than Sh 500 on gambling if it’s a must for you to play the game.I know you will tell me the game is feeding many families but I can assure you that the owner,Sportpesa,will finally recover their money through you.