Sony Flat Screen TV Prices in Kenya



Sony flat screen TVs come in form of analogue and digital. Analogue TV allows you to use a decoder while digital TV does not require a decoder. The prices of digital LED TV is much higher than those of analogue TVs.I normally recommend buyers to consider buying digital TVs to avoid paying monthly subscriptions for the set boxes.

Prices of Sony TVs vary depending on the size of the screen and features. The most expensive come with a price of up to Ksh1.5 million, but there are TV sets that cost as cheap as Ksh13, 000.

Jumia Kenya, which is one of the cheapest online stores in Kenya sells a 32 inch Sony digital TV at Ksh26, 000-Ksh 28,000.But you can also get a genuine TV of the same size with Ksh 24,000 in Luthuli Avenue Nairobi. However, Jumia delivers the TV to your home.

The 32 inch Sony LED TV is the ideal size for your home and according to analysts, it has the clearest images.

The average price of a 40 inch Sony Led TV is Ksh 40,000 in Nairobi. If you live in up country, you can order from Jumia.A 40 inch TV is suitable for hotels and pubs especially those showing EPL matches.

A 24 inch flat screen, which is slightly smaller than the 32 inch costs Ksh 18,000-Ksh21, 000.This TV is suitable for small families and people who intend to have it in their bedrooms.

Sony TV is so far the best as compared to Samsung, LG and other models. The TV can last for as many years as possible.

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