Nick Odhiambo’s Wife Caught Cheating.See What She was Holding and Where She inserted it



Classic FM presenter is a restless man after witnessing his wife holding another man’s p#nis in a lodging. Photos of his wife leaked online showing the unfaithful wife comfortably resting on another man.A whatsApp conversation followed that exposed her more.

The conversation went like this:

Nick: Byron…Where did you get this pic…? That’s my wife!!!!

Byron: Makosa imefanyika

[It then continues in the Luo dialect]

Nick: Iya owang seriously?

[A guy called Zack jumps in]

Zack: Kwe wiyi telo

Nick: Hehehe I’m playing. Simjui huyu dada..

The well-built presenter physically abused the wife two years ago; his wife’s action may be connected to the incident as a sign of revenge.