Best Plants to grow in Kenya to become rich


Which are the best plants to grow in Kenya?

To become rich in Kenya, you have to be aggressive, innovative as well as do business that is profitable. Tree planting is one of the businesses you can do in Kenya and become rich.

Trees can be used for charcoal, medicine, electricity connection, timber, furniture, doors, fencing your compound etc. If you have a plot dedicated for planting trees, being millionaire will not be a dream anymore.

Research shows that the following trees can earn you good income in Kenya


Eucalyptus is a tree usually planted far from the river because it consumes a lot of water. Buying eucalyptus seedlings costs Ksh 10 but after 7 years-the time the tree takes to mature-you will sell a single tree at Ksh 15,000-Ksh25,000.

In a one acre piece of land, 500 trees can be planted, and if you calculate how much you can earn from one plot the idea of doing alternative business will not arise. So many farmers in Kenya are smiling all the way to the bank.

Companies like Kenya power will be your customers,and for your information,they can buy even 20,000 trees,paying Ksh 1,000 for a one year old tree.

Cypress trees

Cypress tree does well in Kenya especially in wet areas. The tree takes at least 5 years to mature and can be used as charcoal, fencing your compound or timber.

The advantage of this tree is that it doesn’t consume a lot of water. It can be planted in either dry or wet areas.

Bamboo trees

I wish you knew how much people value this tree! If you walk around posh estates like Runda, Karen etc you will notice that they have fenced their compound with bamboos-also their gates are made of bamboo.

Apart from fencing, the tree is used to make tables, chairs, ceiling, carpets, charcoal etc.

A single bamboo seedling goes for Ksh 10 but you can make millions from one acre piece of land.