Best and Marketable degree courses to study at Technical University of Kenya (TUK)


Which are the best degree courses at Technical University of Mombasa?

Technical University of Kenya (TUK) is among the best colleges in Kenya. The institution offers certificate as well as diploma courses which are in line with the job market. Though a graduate can secure employment with any certificate or diploma, some courses are more marketable than others. Below is a list of the best courses offered at TUK

  1. Certificate in Computer Technology
  2. Advanced Certificate in Information Technology
  3. Certificate in Information Technology
  4. Certificate in Civil Engineering Certificate in Fire Engineering
  5. Certificate in Electrical Installation Technician
  6. Certificate in Electronics Technician Electrical Installation Electrician Craft
  7. Certificate in Applied Electronics
  8. Certificate in Food Technology
  9. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetic
  10. Certificate in Health Records & Information Technology
  11. Certificate in Counselling Psychology
  12. Certificate In Disaster Management
  13. Diploma in Communication & Computer Networks
  14. Diploma Technology in Computer Technology
  15. Diploma Technology in Computer Engineering
  16. Diploma in Civil Engineering Diploma in Technology in Civil Engineering
  17. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  18. Diploma in Telecommunication Systems Technician
  19. Diploma in Technology (Survey Technology)
  20. Diploma in Technology (Geo-information Technology)
  21. Diploma in Technology (Chemical and Process Engineering)
  22. Diploma in Technology in Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering Options:
  23. Diploma in Technology in Mechanical Engineering options
  24. Diploma in Technology in Mechatronic Engineering
  25. Diploma in Technology in Architecture
  26. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  27. Diploma in Quantity Construction Management
  28. Diploma in Technology (Urban and Regional Planning)
  29. Diploma in Technology in Food science
  30. Diploma in Technology in Applied Statistics
  31. Diploma in Technology in Actuarial Science
  32. Diploma in Technology in Library and Information Science
  33. Diploma in Technology in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  34. Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
  35. Diploma in Accountancy
  36. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
  37. Diploma in Management
  38. Diploma in Banking
  39. Diploma in Supplies Management
  40. ABE Diploma in Human Resource Management
  41. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  42. Diploma in Technology (Design)
  43. Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication
  44. Diploma in Clothing Technology
  45. Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Making
  46. Diploma in Printing and Packaging
  47. Diploma in Printing Technology
  48. Higher Diploma in Printing Technology