Bodies of Missing Lawyer Willie Kimani, Taxi Driver Recovered from Oldonyo Sabuk River in Kilimambogo



Bodies of missing Lawyer Willie Kimani and his client, Taxi Driver, have been recovered from Oldonyo Sabuk River in Kilimambogo.

The bodies were recovered on Friday morning floating at the river.

Meanwhile,Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has ordered for the arrest of the three AP officers suspected of killing the trio.

Last Thursday, Mr. Kimani, who has worked as a human rights defender since he graduated from law school five years ago, accompanied a client to trial in a case involving a police officer.

After a couple of witnesses testified, the case was adjourned a little before noon. Mr. Kimani and his client left the courthouse, on the outskirts of Nairobi, in a taxi.

Then they disappeared.

Mr. Kimani, an investigator with an American legal aid group, had been working on the case of a young motorcycle taxi driver who had been shot in the arm, apparently accidentally, by a police officer last year.

The driver, Josephat Mwenda, filed a complaint against the officer, who has not been publicly identified. The officer and his colleagues retaliated by pursuing false charges against Mr. Mwenda, including drug counts and accusations of petty crimes like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, according to human rights activists.

Around 4:30 p.m. Thursday, after the men had left the courtroom and no one had been able to reach them, Mr. Mwenda’s wife received a strange phone call, colleagues say.

A passer-by happened to see two men, maybe more, locked in a metal container on a police base yelling through a barred window for help.

The men threw out a note scribbled on toilet paper. The note was from Mr. Mwenda. It said: Call my wife. I’m in danger.

That is the last anyone has seen or heard from Mr. Kimani, Mr. Mwenda or the taxi driver, human rights advocates say. Their phones abruptly went dead on Thursday night. Police officers at the base where the toilet paper note was reportedly thrown out the window denied ever seeing the three.

Early the next morning, the taxi was found more than 30 miles away, parked on a road in a deserted, misty tea plantation, with the doors locked.