Career That Will Never Exist in Kenya and world in Future


Which careers will never exist in the world in future?

The world is advancing and the more people continue embracing technology the more some careers become irrelevant. There are over 10 jobs and careers that will never exist in Kenya in the near future.

Some of the careers are popular at the moment but due to technology advancement and consumer trends, chances of these careers surviving in future are slim.

Cashiers and bank tellers

These are people who handle cash in banks. In future, due to technological advancements bank tellers will not be needed any more. People will be depositing and withdrawing money through ATM,cheques will be verified online while MPESA will be used for almost every bank transaction.

If you are a bank teller, you better diversify because soon you might be rendered redundant.


The world is changing and journalism is evolving. If you have noticed, very few people nowadays buy newspapers-everything is online. Journalism is under threat as blogs and websites emerge. These websites are even more popular than the ones owned by media houses, shockingly, individuals who administer the websites are not journalists.

As a journalist you should be worried because “outsiders” are taking your jobs.

In future, media houses will not focus on your academic qualifications but how good you are in terms of connecting with people online. Which is why journalism might not exist in Kenya 10 years from now.

Library and Information science

In the modern world nobody wants a physical library-you can get all the information online.

Library science has been replaced by IT, computer science and computer related courses. Unless you are good in IT, pursuing library science in future is useless.


In developed world if an individual is having a case he will consult the internet on how to handle a case. That is the direction law is taking in this country.

The moment people realize that they can represent themselves in court without a lawyer that is when Law in Kenya will be useless.

Data Entry Experts

Technology is here with us as this field is under threat. There are gadgets, very few in Kenya though, known as Cyber trackers. These gadgets collects data and can even analyze.

In future, Kenya will only need statisticians, not data entry experts.


Very few people will be interested in understanding biblical teaching from the theology point of views. Religion has evolved where theology and biblical teaching is thought through modern songs, which are almost secular.

The next generation may not even have time to read the Bible, but concentrate more on music.

Supermarket Attendants

Soon and very soon shopping malls and supermarkets will be phased out, thanks to the emerging trend of online shops. Each supermarket will adopt the system as customers opt to buy online. Supermarket attendant jobs will be a thing of the past.

Traffic police officers/watchmen

The idea of manning roadblocks is old age. The introduction of CCTV will replace watchmen and traffic police officers. There is no need of having such people when the situation is monitored from a central place.


Fares will be paid through Visa Cards in future, no need of matatu conductors.